Tribute & Replica Cars

Imitation is the highest form of flattery and there is a popular movement in the car hobby today to create Tribute or Clone cars.  There is also an entire industry now dedicated to building replica cars as kits or partially assembled units.  We routinely insure Tribute and Replica cars as collector cars with “Agreed Value” coverage.  We will ask to see photographs of the car and we’ll work with you to determine a correct market value.  If the car is a high-performance model we may require that you attend a high-performance driving school or demonstrate you’ve had experience behind the wheel of cars with similar performance.

10 Great Reasons To Choose Heacock Classic For Your Tribute And Replica Car Insurance Needs

  1. Lower Cost Collector car insurance typically costs much less than family auto insurance.
  2. Agreed Value Coverage You will be paid the full insured value of your classic car in the event of total loss.
  3. Pleasure Use Encouraged Heacock Classic believes you should enjoy your collector car and we cover your pleasure driving.
  4. One Liability Charge You only pay for liability coverage on the first vehicle – no charge for extra cars.
  5. Use Your Repair Shop You get to recommend the repair shop if you have a claim.
  6. Roadside Assistance We even provide flatbed towing if needed.
  7. Zero Deductible You can get full-coverage with no deductible.
  8. $50,000 Coverage for Newly Acquired Classic Cars You get 30 days of automatic coverage for newly acquired classic cars.
  9. Credit Card Payment You get convenient payment options, including installment payments.
  10. Insurance During Restoration Your classic car can be insured during (and after) restoration.

Our competitive rates get even lower when you enjoy discounts for multiple cars or large collections.